Face2Face is an iBridge ministry that organized informal gatherings. These are avenues where Christian graduates can seek to have fun, fellowship and spiritual friendships. We believe that great friendships occur most effectively when we spend time together in a community setting.

Activities organised are

  • Weekly captain ball games (SS18 Field, 5.00pm Sunday)
  • Hiking during Public Holiday (Bukit Gasing,Sg. Chilling,Bukit Tabur,Sg. Pisang Waterfall, etc)
  • Open house gathering (Birthdays, Christmas, Chinese New Year)
  • Outings (Movie, tea (yam-cha) sessions, Bowling)
  • Boardgames Fellowship
  • Friday Lunch Fellowship (KL, PJ, Klang, Cyberjaya/Putrajaya)

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Movie Fellowship

Hiking FellowshipWeekly Captain Ball Christmas Dinner

Board Games FellowshipFriday Lunch Fellowship

Let’s Get2Gather Fellowship 

Writeup about the event : Let’s Get2gather