What is Headstart?

Ever wondered what is God’s calling for your life? Do you struggle to give God your best in every area of your life? Come and join the HEADSTART program. This is a small group that meets once a month for a period of 6 months to discuss transition from a student life to the working world. It also enforces community living whose objective is to create lifelong disciples, to help transition from campus to the marketplace, to deal with work pressure, office politics, work culture, relating to parents, adapting back to church life, being salt and light in the marketplace.

Perhaps the most important part of the HeadStart ministry lies in the friendship that is built amongst the group members which lasts way after the HeadStart is over. Prayer and accountability is an integral part of the group also.

Testimony :
“Looking back, the Headstart group was a very transformative time for me. It’s incredible to see how much we had all changed within the space of one year. Some of us changed jobs, changed relationship status, changed cities and one of us even went into “full time” ministry. The Headstart group was also — in a sick fashion — encouraging for me. Why? Because all my fellow Headstarters, who were all key leaders during varsity days, did not always find life easy. We were fellow pilgrims, struggling travelers. But we found friends on the journey. That, for me, was one of the greatest rewards of Headstart.”

General structure of a Headstart group

  • Most groups are of 8-12 members.
  • 6 sessions via Zoom or physical meetup (depending on graduates location and covid19 situation)
  • Members are those below age 30 or graduated with less than 5 years of working experience.
  • We are not a bible-study/cell group. (Once we have finished the lessons, in the book, the programme ends)
  • This is for Christian graduates. (No fee is required but only a high degree of commitment)
  • A close community (true pilgrims on a journey)
  • Atmosphere of honesty and trust
  • Meet and pray with and for one another
  • Drop-in visitors are not encouraged
  • Facilitated by 2 experience co-leaders
  • While most of the groups are concentrated in the Klang Valley, we also have HeadStart group in Malacca,¬† Penang and Ipoh.

Sign up for future Headstart Intake and for further details please contact : [email protected]